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7 Secret Vibrations - Music for clearing limiting beliefs - Ace Andres Copyright 2008 A video overture of Ace Andres' new Album "7 Secret Vibrations". Sounds like "The ...

SleepWalk Official Video by Ace Andres and The X-15s

The X-15s 2004 cover of the Santos and Johnny classic "Sleep Walk". All of the photos in this video were taken by Ace Andres ...

Ace Andres - gets guitar stuck on his.....

Just another Ace Solo. Ace dislodges guitar from his gearshifter without missing a beat. (Forgive the pun)

Road Runner - Official Video by Ace Andres and the X-15s

The 2nd Video from the 1st X-15 Album. This is Ace's cover of the 70's hit written by Jonathan Richman, covered by Greg Kihn and ...

Viva Las Vegas by Ace Andres & The X-15s

Ace Andres and the X-15s cover the Elvis great, Viva Las Vegas from the Album Hunka Gyrations.


Ted Nugent cover recorded live with Ace Andres, Tom Bowers (Bass) and RIck Jensen (drums)

SAVE ME OFFICIAL VIDEO by Ace Andres and The X-15s

Music Video from Ace Andres' 3rd album American Infidel. It was inspired by Warren Zevon's statement "I think it's a sin to not want ...

Crying by Ace Andres and The X15s, written by Roy Orbison

Originally recorded on Ace Andres and the X-15s' Hunka Gyrations album. Ace sings the Roy Orbison Classic, Crying.

Oh Well by Ace Andres & The Firebirds

Ace Andres performs Live the Peter Green classic Oh Well.

Attitude of Gratitude ~ Rocket of Desire Official Video Ace Andres The real Secret

Emotional Freedom Technique. The 2nd Video from Ace Andres' Album "7 Secret Vibraions". This is a ...

Ubangi Stomp - Official Video by Ace Andres And The X-15s

Rockabilly, Elvis, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny ...

2 A.M. In TEXAS by Ace Andres

Ace Andres performs live his version of Page Jackson's Blue number.

I Need a Beer by Ace Andres and The X-15s

PLANET EARTH'S OFFICIAL HAPPY HOUR SONG!!! The 4th Video from 2005's American Infidel. Digital Download is Available ...

Ace Hood - Top

Submission / contact - [email protected] Ace Hood - Trust The Process Tracklist: 1. Ace Hood - To Whom It May Concern ...

Not Fade Away by The X-15s featuring Ace Andres

NOT Fade Away. Written by Buddy Holly. Performed by Ace Andres and the X-15s. From the 2004 album Hunka Gyrations.

Bad Woman by Ace Andres

Ace Andres "Live" performs "Bad Woman" Live. The studio version is available on Andres' 1st album "Cowboy Hat Blues" ...

Lucille by Ace Andres

The X-15s cover The Reverend Little Richard Pennimen's classic "Lucille"

Come On Let's Go ~ Ace Andres and The X-15s

Ace's cover version of Ritchie Valens smash hit "Come on Let's Go" from the first X-15s Album Americn Infidel.

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