Anne Davidson – video

why writen by:Anne davidson and Afsheen Milani

this song was writen by me and another i hope everyone likes it though is one of my older songs just decided to share it though ...

all my life writen by:Anne davidson

lyrics wrote by:Anne Davidson music by:unknown this song is how i have felt about a lot of things that i have been through or done ...

Kim Davis of Eruption: Sweet 60s, Sexy 70s - A Tribute

As we remembered Gerry Williams from Eruption last week, here is a sweet tribute to Kim Davis (real name Vivian Anne ...

Hometown Hero Anne Davidson

Anne Davidson recognized by Fox 4 Dallas News, for her work with at-need children.

torn heart:written by Anne Davidson

i wrote this song when i was nine years old it has been copyrighted like all my song that i share so hope that everyone likes the ...

down with me written by anne davidson

written by anne davidson music by unknown artist.

Routes into Languages Hosts National Launch: Anne Davidson-Lund

The Last Time (The Rolling Stones) | live in Edinburgh feat. Anne Davidson

Live in Edinburgh, Scotland, with my long time YouTube friend Anne Davidson (anne5surf), performing a cover of the Rolling ...

adele-make you feel my love cover vocals by anne davidson

hope you like this its been a long time since i have sang songs so am getting back into practice so it maybe a little rough sorry for ...

empty spaces written by Anne Davidson

this is one that had took me a few to get done and hope every one likes it all right belong to me on the lyrics music by unknown ...

now its time (anti-bullying song)writen by Anne Davidson.wmv

a freiends song wrote for all those who have been bulied and lost family to bulling.

tell me written by anne davidson

written by: Anne davidson music by unknown artist.

always give you my all written by Anne davidson

lyrics by Anne Davidson music by Uknown artist this is a second part to the song that i shared before this on hope you like it.

be my boo boo written by anne davidson

this rap was a comedy song wrote by a friend of mine hope every one likes it all rights she owns but though others would get a ...

for many years:written by:Anne Davidson

this is a song i wrote for my biggest insperation the love of my life hope that everyone likes it sorry for a few rough spots but dont ...

just can't sleep-Written by:Anne Davidson

hope everyone likes the lyrics to this one i wrote it for the love of my life all rights have been reserved. music by unknown artist.

come to me baby.writen by:Anne Davidson

lyrics by me music by unknown artist hope you like the lyrics :-D.

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