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Bill Oddie on depression, Manchester Utd, David Attenborough, and leaving the BBC

Wildlife presenter Bill Oddie chats to us in his London home with themes ranging from the BBC, sport and politics, to his retired life ...

Bill Oddie: This is Your Life (2002) With Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden

Presented by Michael Aspel. Bill is joined by his wife Laura Beaumont, and three daugthers Rosie, Bonnie and Kate. Fellow ...

Bill Oddie On Bipolar And Jeremy Clarkson | Loose Women

The former Springwatch presenter explains why he left the show, and he gives his opinion on the Jeremy Clarkson suspension.

Mark Knopfler - Play It Again (teaching Bill Oddie guitar)

Play It Again - Bill Oddie learning to play guitar with help from Mark Knopfler.

Bill Oddie - 3 March 1980

In this unedited studio interview, Bill Oddie (The Goodies and a lot more) chats to Grant Richmond.

The Hunt For Bill Oddie

That Mitchell and Webb Look - Season 2 Episode 6.

Bill Oddie: This is Your Life (2002) 2/3 With Eric Idle, Michael Palin

Presented by Michael Aspel. Bill's early life, his father, his time at Pembroke College, Cambridge and his interest in birdwatching ...

Frank Skinner, Bill Oddie, Jon Richardson, Sarah Millican in Would I Lie to You | #EarfulComedy

Season 5 Episode 6 Stay tuned - ...

Bill Oddie's garden

Take a tour of Bill Oddie's garden with the head honcho of Bill Oddie's Bird Food Recipes - Bill Oddie. For an urban garden you'd ...

Ponds on Bill Oddie's How to Watch Wildlife (2005)

Ponds are home to a number of the UK's amphibians and so are an important habitat. Here Bill Oddie takes a look at some of the ...

Adders on Bill Oddie Goes Wild (2002)

Bill Oddie travels to the New Forest to find some adders (Vipera berus).

Bill Oddie watching spring wildlife during filming #AskBillOddie

"I could do this all day," says Bill Oddie. "And often, I do." Here Bill illustrates how much can be learnt from just observing the birds ...

Bill Oddie - Ilkley Moor Baht At

Yorkshire Anthem in the style of Joe Cocker and the Grease Band's 'With A Little Help From My Friends', which you can see at ...

The Goodies "Funky Gibbon"

The Goodies are a trio of British comedians (Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie), who created, wrote, and starred ...


Naturalists Bill Oddie & Anneka Svenska discuss how you can help birds every Spring.

Bill Oddie pays tribute to Goodies co-star Tim Brooke-Taylor

Today, I'm going to Bill Oddie pays tribute to Goodies co-star Tim Brooke-Taylor. Watch to learn Bill Oddie pays tribute to Goodies ...

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