Gregory Rogstad – video

My very first youtube video! EVER!

Thank you for watching! Comment down below or follow my Instagram @gregrogstad and let me know what type of content you ...

I react to weird videos online. ( It Gets Weird )

Welcome to cringe gang! I cringe a lot. @_bored_gang (sorry I've been gone for a while. I have some big things coming to the big ...

(Vlog #1) A peaceful protest and a punch in the face.

Hope you enjoyed me getting punched in the face. Expect more videos to come! Stay safe!


Me and my good friends critique an old dance/fitness trend in hopes of getting fit ourselves. Love you all.❤️ (Sorry it took so long ...

Why approach God scientifically if he is outside time?

Dr. Dave Rogstad takes a question at an appearance in Jacksonville, Florida.

Job, Job - Bismarck High Women's Choir

Bismarck High School's Women's Choir Performing "Job, Job" Soloists: Hailey Rogstad, Alexis Haaland March 15, 2011 Belle ...

Justin Siena vs Acalanes

Highlighting Gregory Munlawin #67, Justin-Siena High School Varsity Football, class of 2010.

Shakedown Promo Video - The Fireman

Shakedown is a DYNAMIC band of talented musicians, with decades of performing experience! The group includes female and ...

20150330 Norway Offshore Weather Report

Geir Guduangen is the guest weatherman. Tore Haugstad is the weatherman. Thorium was the correct material. You can read ...

Ross Anderson 2010 Miramonte Season Highlights (Updated)

QB#9 "Dual Threat". 2010 season highlights and stats. All--State (Juniors) Second Team QB, All--East Bay Second Team QB, ...

360 Jordan Anderson Bristol Truck Race

360 Jordan Anderson Bristol Truck Race.

Witness - Jake Is Lloyd (LYRICS)

Lyrics video for Witness by Jake Is Lloyd. Consider yourself a witness, to forgiveness... ϟ Listen to the Badass Music Playlist ...

Mike Rudd interview

Mike Rudd explains why he became involved in the Come My Children project.

Evelyna Rodriguez

Bugs Moran vs The Tokyo Monster Kahagas

CCW MVP Players Presents Bugs Moran vs The Tokyo Monster Kahagas. Bugs Moran Makes his Debut against the hard hitting ...

Action Workout mit Cornelia Ritzke - behind the scenes

Die volle Trainingsaction mit Cornelia Ritzke findet Ihr hier: ...

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