Hailey Glassman – video

Anti Hailey Glassman

I really don't like this chick!! Hailey is not and shouldn't b allowed near the kids. she shouldn't even be in there lives. She a life ...

Jon walks off set from Hailey - ET Day 2

Last week Hailey had an emotional breakdown on the Insider claiming emotional abuse. Yesterday Hailey sat down for an ...

Hailey Glassman wants money

Haven't been much Jon and Kate gossip or drama lately. Hailey's here to fix that. Here she is chatting it up for the media and ...

hailey glassman interview

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Jon walks off set from Hailey - ET Day 3

This one interview is getting very drawn out. Day 3 shows more recap, more hype, and a tiny bit of new footage, stay tuned for ...

Jon walks off set from Hailey - ET Day 1

ET covers more of the Hailey-Jon saga. Last week Hailey did a cryfest on the insider that got everyone talking. To keep the ...

Jon walks off set from Hailey - ET Day 4

I don't know how they dragged this interview out into 4 days.

Hailey Glassman's old apartment

Oh no not her again! Jon and Hailey split and they managed to grab some tabloid headlines in the process by accusing hailey of ...

Jon Gosselin's Girlfriend Hailey Glassman's Match.com Profile Video

Jon Gosselin (from Jon and Kate Plus 8) has a new classy girlfriend...and he met her on Match.com! Check out the never before ...

Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend, Hailey Glassman

Jon has a new girlfriend named Hailey Glassman the daughter of Kate Gosselin's Tummy Tuck Doctor.

More on Jon & Kates Divorce / Meet Hailey Glassman

More on JAKP8. Meet Hailey Glassman: Hailey Glassman wants to clear the air once and for all. In a new TV interview, she calls ...

Hailey Glassman to Star in Reality Series - The Buzz

Hailey Glassman will be in the new reality show based on the series, 'Girls.' For more entertainment news: ...

Hailey's bombshell interview - 2 of 2

Final parts of the Hailey Glassman interview on this show. Dating Jon Gosselin?? You decide.

Hailey Glassman: Smile For The Paparazzi


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