Mike Rudd – video

Crying - Mike Rudd & Jess Cornelius (RocKwiz duet)

SBS TV show RocKwiz episode 102. Jess Cornelius and Mike Rudd performing 'Crying'

Spectrum - I'll Be Gone on Move

This is mimed to an alternative edit of I'll Be Gone on the Adelaide TV show, Move, probably in 1971. We appear to be quite ...

Mike Rudd and The Heaters - (Live at RMIT Melbourne)

This was a show recorded at RMIT in the early 80's, kindly provided by Tony Fossey, who was the keyboard player at the time with ...

Mike Rudd Interview (January 2017)

We had an intimate chat to the music legend Mike Rudd at Laneway HQ on a quiet afternoon in January 2017.

Paul Rudd on a FRIENDS reunion plus playing Mike Hannigan's imaginary piano again!

would you believe Paul Rudd has never been asked about a FRIENDS reunion? he has now! he shares his thoughts on Mike's ...

Ariel - Jamaican Farewell

Featuring members of Sydney's Tamam Shud and Melbourne's Spectrum, Australia's Ariel purveyed art-pop under the direction of ...

Spectrum - I'll Be Gone (1971)

Spectrum - I'll Be Gone (1971)

Spectrum - Mike Rudd - Make Your Stash - Live GTK - early 70's

Filmed live in the ABC's studios, originally aired on GTK around 1970. (GTK apparently stands for "Get To Know"). GTK was ...

Crying ~~~ Jess Cornelius & Mike Rudd ~~~ RocKwiz

Jess Cornelius http://www.myspace.com/teethandtongue ROCKWIZ http://www.sbs.com.au/rockwiz/ BYRON BAY BLUES ...

Mike Rudd And The Heaters - Live 1982 - Models

Recorded at the Mushroom Evolution Concert in 1982.

Mike Rudd & WHY - Woman of Steel (live on Hey Hey it's Saturday)

Is this really Mike Rudd playing keys instead of Guitar. Must be the one and only time he ever did it.

Spectrum - I'll Be Gone (official music video)

An absolute Australian classic, which went to #1 on the national charts in 1971. 'I'll Be Gone' still resonates today, as much as it ...

Mike Rudd And The Heaters - Love Comes Love Goes - Live 1982

Recorded at the Musroom Evolution Concert in 1982.

Tribute to Roy the "Big O" ~~~ Jess Cornelius & Mike Rudd

ROCKWIZ EPISODE 102, SATURDAY, 25 JUNE 2011 http://www.sbs.com.au/rockwiz/ TOUR DE FRANCE 2011 - Live coverage ...

W.H.Y. (Mike Rudd) Woman Of Steel - 1984

Promo Clip of Mike Rudd's "Woman of Steel". Why formed after the break-up of 'Mike Rudd and the Heaters".

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