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Viewers not familiar with Al Jolson might be wondering who Rudy Wissler was not to mention Scotty Beckett; both seen here in ...

Coming Attraction: Scotty Beckett Tribute (Preview)

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Scotty Beckett's Grave

Scott Hastings "Scotty" Beckett (October 4, 1929 – May 10, 1968) was an American actor. Beckett began his career as a child actor ...

Scotty Beckett - Nancy Goes to Rio

Scotty Beckett in Nancy Goes to RIo 1950 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Scotty Beckett - The Flying Irishman

Scotty Beckett in the movie The Flying Irishman 1939.

Scotty Beckett - The Badman of Brimstone 1937

Scotty Beckett in a scene from the movie The Badman of Brimstone 1937.

Menace from Outer Space 1956 Film featuring Scotty Beckett from the Our Gang comedy shorts

Menace from Outer Space is a two-part of the sci-fi TV series released as a feature film directed By Hollingsworth Morse When an ...

Scotty Beckett

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Scotty Beckett - Monkey On My Back

Scotty Beckett in a small role in the movie Monkey On My Back 1957 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc.

Scotty Beckett - The Devil's Party

Scotty Beckett in the movie The Devil's Party 1938.

Scotty Beckett - Listen Darling

Scotty Beckett in Listen Darling 1938.

Scotty Beckett - The Youngest Profession

Scotty Beckett in the movie The Youngest Profession 1943.

Rocky Jones The Space Ranger - Menace from Outer Space | Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield

Cruising the galaxy in his space ship "The Orbit Jet" Space Ranger, Rocky Jones (Richard Crane), Vena Ray (Sally Mansfield), ...

Scotty Beckett - The Youngest Profession

Brandon Bug Hall was SOO CUTE as a Child:D Music "What Makes You Beautiful" By One Direction. Don't Forget to Subscribe, ...

Scotty Beckett - Underwear Model

Scotty Beckett cutting a fine figure as an underwear model in the movie "Gasoline Alley" 1951 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

Scotty Beckett - Early life and career

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Scotty Beckett - The Oklahoman 1957

Scotty Beckett in a walk on role in the movie The Oklahoman 1957.

Scotty Beckett - I Dream Too Much

Scotty Beckett in the movie I Dream Too Much 1935.

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