Shaun Hover – video

Untitled Skateboards: Shaun Hover Welcome to Pro

Shaun Hover pro model is now available at Editing by John Andrus/

How Does Shaun Hover Do What He Does? | Bangin!

Subscribe to The Berrics 👉 With a name like "Hover" you kinda already know what to expect. Or ...

Shaun Hover: D2L Revolution video by John Andrus/JA Visual Media

SHAUN HOVER - Calling All Skaters - TRAILER

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE HERE: Shaun Hover is living proof that when you put all your trust in ...

4 tricks with Shaun Hover

Subscribe! I had a chance to meet up with Shaun in Sunland on a recent trip to California and film a few ...

Age 15 Sponsor Me Tape | Shaun Hover

This sponsor me tape was literally on a tape back in the day when you would physically hand someone a VHS to try to get ...

Macba Life - #Macbaflat Shaun Hover

We have the best flatground... so here is the first chapter of #Macbaflat series. Check it out to enjoy the extra-pop (and extra ...

Shaun Hover iPhone4 STREET PART

International street part filmed exclusively with iPhone 4 in China, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chile, Panama, Germany, ...

Shaun Hover raw Chile clips + LA

Old unused clips in Santiago, La Serena, Pichilemu, Los Angeles.

Shaun Hover Edit

Sunland and China.

GoPro: Shaun Hover - Barcelona, ES 6.18.15 - Skate

Submit your stunning, technical, or just plain fun #skateboardingisfun GoPro clips and you'll be eligible for the $20000 grand prize ...

GoPro: Shaun Hover - Barcelona, Spain, 09.03.15 - Skate

Submit your stunning, technical, or just plain fun #skateboardingisfun GoPro clips and you'll be eligible for the $20000 grand prize ...

Come & Die // pt. 2 // AJ Roney & Shaun Hover

Shaun Hover & AJ Roney's part in Untitled's new video "Come & Die". Produced and distributed in 2011.

540 Game of S.K.A.T.E

Hunter got lucky and beat me in a double flip game of skate in my last video. So next he challenged me to a 540 game of skate at ...

Double Flips Game of S.K.A.T.E

Double flip game of S.K.A.T.E. Adding an extra rule to the list of "Berrics rules" If the board don't flip twice it don't count! Shaun ...

World Trip skateboarding Shaun Hover in Barcelona street

Its full of Barcelona skate spot in this movie. Tnx a lot Shaun ! I really appreciate to meet and shoot you during my barcelona life.

Shaun Hover Edit

Tujunga and China.

Flip Flop Game of SKATE

I wear flip flops and I also skateboard, which is why I frequently end up skateboarding in flip flops. I stopped by the Calling All ...

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